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Posted 5/02/17 (Tue)

You know I always wanted to be a cowboy. Sometimes I feel like I made it, and sometimes I feel like I never could be one.
This weekend was one for the cowboys. And the cowgirls. The North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame announced the new inductees into the hall. The ceremony will take place in June.
I have friends and neighbors that will be inducted. And my Grandpa, Herb Birdsall, will be honored as one of the early ranchers in North Dakota. Damn, I miss him.
The hall also honored Brenda Lee Pickett and Ashley Alderson. These two young ladies became Miss Rodeo America and made North Dakota proud!
A new exhibit was unveiled honoring the 21 young cowboys and cowgirls that have been National High School Champions! Our daughter was one of those honored. I felt like a cowboy.
World Champions Dean Oliver and Dee Pickett were on hand. Two of the greatest. I grew up watching Dean Oliver win 8 world championships in the calf roping. At 88 years old, he still looks like he could step off and tie one up quick.
Brenda Lee told a story of a group of young cowboys attending the national finals for the first time. They were in their 20s. As they discussed where to eat they decided to try lunch at a Hooters restaurant. Because of the attractive young waitresses with the short skirts and well, you know.
Ten years later they had a reunion. Now in their 30s, they decided to eat at the Hooters restaurant again. The restaurant had the juiciest hamburgers they had ever had.
When in their 40s, they met again and after much discussion, decided to eat at Hooters. It was close to their hotel and the cab fare would be quite low.
In their 50s, they found out that at Hooters, 55 would qualify you for the senior citizen discount.
When they met in their 60s, after looking at all the options, they decided they would go to Hooters. The lighting was real good and the menu was easy to read.
Ten years later, they attended the rodeo and decided to have dinner at Hooters. It was close and it was wheelchair accessible.
Last year, now in their 80s, the cowboys met again at the Finals. After much discussion, they decided to eat at Hooters. Because they had never been there before!
If you get a chance, no, make an effort, visit the Cowboy Hall of Fame in Medora. You will be more than pleased.