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Posted 8/22/17 (Tue)

By the time you read this, the eclipse will have passed. Hopefully you did not stare at the sun for two and a half hours so you can still read. They are issuing warnings to not stare directly into the sun or it can damage your eyes. Really. They have to tell people not to stare into the sun or it will hurt your eyes.
Some people are making a killing on this. They are selling sunglasses for dogs. Sunglasses for dogs! I know my dog isn’t very smart at all. He will chase birds that he will never catch. He will try to dig out gophers. He eats chicken bones. But he doesn’t sit and stare at the sun. If he does, tough. I will become a seeing eye person for him.
People are flocking to Casper, Wyo., to view the eclipse. I haven’t spent a lot of time in Casper. Used to haul sucker rod and oil field stuff out of there when I was a hotshot driver. And I’m inclined to think that maybe Casper looks better when there is an eclipse. Sorry, but I had a bad experience there once.
My local optometrist has been looking forward to this for years. He’s an amateur astrologist so he knew this was coming years ago. I think that’s why he went to optometry school. That’s where you study eyes you know.
Anyway, I think he realized this was coming and went to school just to be ready for the eclipse later this morning. He figures a lot of people will stare at the sun and he can make enough repairing eyes and changing glasses to retire! He is a greedy little devil.
And this morning they said birds will fall from the sky! Really, they will fall from the sky. I imagine they will if they run into a window or something. But I have a hard time believing that a bird will fall from the sky because it got dark. Dang glad it isn’t airplanes. Bees will return to their hives. I imagine that could happen. I never could figure out bees.
One lady I know is very concerned about her horses. Her horses for God’s sake. She thinks her horses may stare at the sun too long.
I know horses. They don’t stare at the sun. I do have some that may grab the bit, stick their nose in the air, and run off. But they don’t stop and stare into the sun.
But his lady was really concerned. And no one thought to make sunglasses for horses. So she came up with a solution.
She took several of her bras out and strapped them on the horse’s heads to shield them from the harmful rays of the sun! That is really loving your horses.
I’m grabbing my welding helmet and a bloody mare. The show starts in 30 minutes!