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Posted 3/29/16 (Tue)


As most of my readers are aware, the booming Bakken oil rush has subsided greatly. You can find a motel room for under $50 instead of over $200. You can rent a three-bedroom house for under $1,000 a month. Apartments are listed for less than 500 with utilities paid and you can make a left-hand turn most of the time in Dickinson.
One of the things I understand has happened is that a brothel in Northwest North Dakota has closed.
Now for you gentle readers that don’t know what a brothel is, ask your parents. But it is akin to a bordello.
Anyway, this is the way I heard the story.
I have this make-believe friend named Shannon. Shannon is a rancher who, in the peak of the boom, worked in the oil field and was a driller on a rig in Williams County.
Shannon’s wife went into the pet store in our fair city and here was this beautiful parrot. This bird of paradise was striking. It had every color of every rainbow that had ever been seen. Its tail feathers were long and bright and it loved to cock its head and greet everyone that came through the door.
Shannon’s wife fell in love with the parrot and decided to purchase the bird, although it cost more than an Angus pair at Stockmen’s Livestock.
The owner of the pet store warned her that this might not be a wise investment.
“You see,” she stated, “This parrot is 25 years old and has spent its entire life in bordellos in Nevada and the oil fields. It has been exposed to a lot of things and sometimes will say something it shouldn’t.”
But the bird was too beautiful to ignore. And a deal was soon struck.
They put a blind over the cage and the parrot was taken home to their beautiful ranch home.
You know how a parrot cocks his head and starts every sentence with a “Rrraaawwwkkk?”
The hood was pulled off the cage and the parrot cocked his head and said loudly, “Rrrrawwwkkk! A new house! Nice damn digs!”
Mrs. Shannon quickly hushed him and the parrot said loudly, “Rrraawwkkk! Wow, a new madam!”
Their daughter-in-laws came in the door to help prepare Easter dinner and the parrot again spoke up. “Rrrraaawwwkkkkk! Alright! New girls and they are hot!”
Mrs. Shannon quickly hushed the parrot and scolded it a bit.
Just then, Shannon came in the door from feeding cows and the parrot quickly spoke up. “Rrraaacckkkk! Hi Shannon!”
And that is my Easter lesson for today.