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Posted 12/08/15 (Tue)

If you grew up with rodeo as your favorite sport, this is the week! The National Finals is on every night at 8. Now, for me, 8 is pretty late. But thanks to modern technology, I can watch it early in the morning. And I have lots of friends enjoying the show in Vegas.
And last night was really special. Because on another station they were celebrating Frank Sinatra! How can you beat that? I suppose that does kind of age me. But dang it was good watching and listening.
A funny thing happened to me this week. I was visiting some friends in a nursing home in Nebraska. It happened to be lunchtime, so most of the residents were seated in the dining room awaiting their meal. I guess in Nebraska, you don’t get a lot of visitors wearing a silver belly cowboy hat.
A couple of elderly gentlemen mentioned my hat so I stopped by to visit with them. Now, I’m not real tall. But I suppose if you are chairbound for a few years, a guy over six feet wearing a cowboy hat looks pretty big. One of these old boys asked, “Just how tall are you?”
I replied that I was about six-two, but gravity was starting to pull me down a little. The other gentleman replied that he had noticed, “As you get heavier, you also get a little shorter.”
Those of you that know me, probably have noticed that I am a bit heavy. Like about 60 or 70 pounds heavy. And I thank you for not mentioning it to me.
As these two old boys discussed this phenomenon, one mentioned that he had gone to school with a guy that was six-two and weighed about 220. I just wish I weighed 220. Anyway this guy went on a diet. About five years later, he ran into this friend. The guy had gone from 220 to 170. And he had grown from six-two to six-eleven! Six foot eleven inches! Had lost 50 pounds and stretched out another nine inches! I was going to call bull#### on that, but I am too kind.
Carm sent me a note last night. They were visiting about tagging calves. They have a neighbor nicknamed Coondog. You people in Harding County are aware of this guy.
Last spring Coondog was tagging a calf. And the mama cow didn’t take kindly to this. The calf was bellering and mama was bound and determined that Coondog was torturing this calf. She got the best of Coondog and ran him off.
Well, Coondog decided he’d go grab a shovel and educate this cow. He’s kind of a cow whisperer. He said he took this long-handled shovel out to whack this cow over the head.
When he came to, the cow, calf, and shovel were gone. And so was one of his boots!