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Posted 8/05/15 (Wed)

Well, the rally is on! The big bike rally in Sturgis is taking place. We operate along Highways 22 in North Dakota and Highway 79 in South Dakota. Those two highways have been rumbling with the sound of the Harley motorcycles roaring for the Black Hills to live their dream of being sun and wind-burnt themselves, and surrounding themselves with a million other burnt people dressed in hot black leather!
Well, they aren’t all dressed in hot, black leather. Which reminds me of a story I’ve probably told you before.
When my grandsons were smaller than they are now, Will and Jen were returning from a rodeo and had to come through Sturgis on the way home. And the rally was on. They were surrounded by bikes and driving through when they came to a stoplight.
Much to their chagrin, as they waited at a stoplight, a biker pulled up alongside Evan’s window. Evan was pretty young. The girl on the back was topless! The parents were aghast, but Evan just hollered, “Look, the girls have to ride on the back!”
Which takes me to another short story.
I’ve a friend, whom a few years ago, had to attend a nephew’s First Communion. Like most First Communions, it is a pretty big family deal. The guy had trouble with cattle shortly before he left. Which often happens to ranchers when something important is coming up.
He walked into church a little late. As he hurriedly made his way to the front of the church, one of the ushers tapped him on the shoulder and pointed skyward. Since the church was relatively full, he assumed he was to sit in the balcony. As he walked back down the aisle a couple of friends pointed up. He nodded knowingly and kept going. He climbed the stairs and found it was only a bell tower.
He climbed back down and crowded into the back aisle, where people looked at him with noticeable concern on their faces. Mothers hugged their children closer to them and fathers glared at him in disgust. A very unfriendly congregation.
As the service ended, and people were filing out of the church, one of his friends said, “You shouldn’t have worn that cap to church!”
Embarrassed, he reached up and took his cap off. A cap he had recently purchased at the rally.
Oh, and by the way, on the front of the cap was a naked lady! Ride safe!