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Posted 4/15/15 (Wed)


I have a friend. Well, hopefully more than one. But I have one friend who stops to visit every couple weeks. Now, I don’t mind visiting, but this guy always has one of those stories that top anything I can say or do. In fact, if the news happens to be on, he can top any news story that he happens to hear.
Well, the other day he stopped by for a cup of coffee and the news was on about the human trafficking problem in North Dakota. A serious problem. But as soon as the news ended, he began telling me his tale of woe.
It seems he has been shopping at the local Wal-Mart store. He said the prices are reasonable and it is close to his home.
Then he told me of the strange happenings in the parking lot.
It seems there are a couple of girls working the lot. They wait for a lone man to come out to his vehicle and they approach him. Now they are attractive young ladies and dressed for a hot summer day. Not the coveralls and winter clothes we Dakotans are accustomed to.
They explain that they would like a ride down to the new McDonalds (the one with the double line). Having heard there was work there, they would like to apply.
Now here is where it gets interesting. As he drives out of the lot, one of the girls slid over to him and started nibbling on his ear. Then she slips her hand in his shirt and starts rubbing his chest. Now, my friend tells me, while you are distracted, the other girls steals your wallet!
When I said I really doubted that this would happen, he exclaimed loudly that it had. He said it happened two weeks ago on Wednesday and Thursday. It happened twice on Saturday, and again yesterday morning. He was hoping it would happen twice today.
He explained that the good part was he had found you could buy billfolds for $2.99 at Wal-Mart, and for $0.99 at the Dollar store!
I don’t know. I wouldn’t ever call a man a liar, but it seemed a little far-fetched.
A little short this week. Borrowed computer from a neighbor and in a hurry!