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Posted 8/15/12 (Wed)

Do you remember the classic music? Remember the Ray Stevens song about the streaker? In the song, Ray always warned Ethel, with an emphatic, “Don’t look Ethel!” But it was too late; she’d already had a free shot, or something along that order.
Streaking was a short-lived fad 10 or 15 years ago. A naked person would run across the football, soccer, or baseball field. Maybe across a packed gym at the high school ball game. Maybe across the polo field when the Queen was in attendance. I hate to even walk past the mirror after I shower. So, I guess I would never be a good streaker.
I remember hearing the story of a young man who stripped down, put a sack over his head, and ran across the gym at a high school game at Mobridge. The crowd was amused when one senior girl exclaimed, “That’s LeRoy!” Then she turned bright red.
What brought this to mind is something that happened this last week to our outfit.
Will and Jen had a horse that was caught up in a fence and received a bad wire cut. A cut that required some special veterinary treatment. One of the best horse vets around is in Sturgis, S.D. So, Feathers was loaded up, and Will, along with four-year-old RJ, headed for Sturgis.
It just so happened, this is in the middle of Rally Week. Tens of thousands of people on motorcycles jam the highways and the hills. Not all of them of sound mind and body. In fact, I think most are not of sound mind and body. At least for 10 days or so.
As Will and RJ near Bear Butte, the traffic is getting pretty heavy with bikes and bikers. They are meeting riders. Riders are passing them. And RJ has his window down and excitedly pointing out all the motorcycles. You know, “Look, Dad!” He is in his child seat in the back seat, passenger side.
As they stop at the first stop light in Sturgis, pulling a horse trailer and surrounded by bikers, one pulls up alongside them. Right beside RJ’s window.
Will looks over to see a biker with his motorcycle mama on the back. Topless! The passenger is topless, but decorated with body paint stars on her, well, she’s really decorated.
Will is just sick at what RJ is going to ask him. RJ excitedly points out the couple to his dad, and exclaims, “Look, Dad! Girls have to ride on the back!” as his dad breathed a sigh of relief!
When do we lose such innocence? He is his grandpa’s boy!