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Posted 9/05/12 (Wed)

Do you remember that show from years ago, “Kids Say the Darndest Things?” I don’t recall if it was an entire show, or just a segment of a show. Anyway, my grandkids are living up to that statement. At least, Evan is.
Evan just started kindergarten at a parochial school. He’s grown up chasing cows, reading books, and spending a lot of time with adults. The first time he was sent to day care, his grandma, Shirley, went to pick him up. He was in one of those little automatic swinging deals and crying his eyes out. And no one was paying attention to him. That ended his day care days.
Since then he has learned to strap down loads on a hotshot run. He’s learned to sort cows out of a herd. He has pulled calves, baled hay, and built fence. A well-rounded six-year-old. He can name the presidents on Mt. Rushmore and can do about anything except tie his shoes.
Well, he is always anxious to learn, so grandpa has helped him with his phonics the past few years. On the third day of kindergarten, they were working with the letter B. “B,” as in ball, balloon, baby, barber, bubbles and bumblebee. You get it now.
The kids had to go up to the board and draw something that started with B. The way Evan tells it, the easy words were all gone by the time he got there. One kid had drawn a ball. One a bat. A bell. Simple enough. He thought a minute and drew a picture of, honestly, “butt cheeks!” It started with B. He was proud.
Again, the way Evan tells it, the teacher got upset, made him erase it, and think of another word. He thought a minute and sounded words out to himself. His next choice was, again honestly, “boogers.” But then wisely, he decided if the teacher didn’t like butt cheeks, she would probably not be real excited about boogers.
He thought for a minute, sounding words out in his head and then, I’m so proud of him, he drew a picture of a bomb on the chalk board!
We have always encouraged our kids and grandkids to think for themselves. To think outside the box, as they say. Maybe we overdid it.
I was worried he would be kicked out of Trinity before he really had a chance. Jeff assured me that if he can run, he’ll be all right!