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Posted 11/15/16 (Tue)

By Neal A. Shipman
Farmer Editor

Eight years ago, America elected its first African American president in Barack Obama. For many in the nation, his election to the highest office in the land represented a great opportunity for this country to resolve the race conflict and to move the United States toward a kinder and gentler country. For other Americans, there were concerns that his presidency would not adequately address this country’s economic, immigration and national security concerns.
But, as Americans, we accepted the results of his election and subsequent re-election as our president. Putting political differences aside, Obama was our elected president. And we, as citizens, had to recognize that we had won the elections.
And that is how it should now be with Donald Trump being elected as America’s 45th president as a result of the Nov. 8 election. While Hillary Clinton may have won the popular vote, Trump won the Electoral College vote and will now serve as our president.
Arguments can be made whether or not the Electoral College vote should be the determining factor in determining the president of the United States, but that is the way that the American system chooses a president.
So now rather than decrying the election, taking protests to the street and trying to overturn the Electoral College, Americans must accept the election results and give Trump and his new administration a chance to successfully guide the United States for the next four years.
Without a doubt, Trump has been a controversial candidate. He has said things in his campaign that have not only upset people in his own Republican party, but Americans in general.
But he also said things in his campaign on immigration reform and rebuilding the American economy that struck a chord across party lines. His message swayed voters and allowed him to not only carry characteristically Republican states, but also change the minds of voters in states that normally vote Democrat.
In the end, voters were able to put aside the scary things that came out of Trump’s mouth and decide to give him a chance to lead America.
Americans gave Barack Obama a chance to lead this country just as they have given every other president before him. And as with all of his predecessors, history will judge how well he served the country.
Like Obama, Trump will find that some of the things that he wants to accomplish won’t happen. Congress, the court systems, and the court of public opinion may not agree with him.
But for now it is time for all Americans to give Donald Trump the same chance to lead this great country whether they voted for him or not.